Corporate Social Responsibility

Eurocom is proud to support Child of Hope through regular donation and raising awareness of the valuable work they carry out.

Child of Hope is a UK-based charity producing huge social impact for slum children and their families in the Namatala slum district of Eastern Uganda through free education, healthcare and welfare. It provides safety, hope, love, education, protection and inner healing to children who have lost their homes, been sexually abused, orphaned due to AIDS/HIV and those living in abject poverty.

In 2013 they opened a second level to our awesome school in the heart of the slum – and now educate 360 pupils of nursery and primary age from the poorest and most vulnerable families in the slum. And with the third level nearly complete, that number will expand to around 600 children.

Plus… Child of Hope has developed a unique free social care for the families of its pupils, it provides healthcare and numeracy/literacy training, business training and grants to mums – all designed to help them break the cycle of poverty in their lives.

Visit the Child of Hope website