Brand Building

What does your brand say about you?

A sales strategy simply isn’t enough. Because people don’t just buy brands. They build relationships with them. They live them. Breathe them. They want a brand that works hard—for them. That’s why real success comes from real insight. So whether it’s a healthcare product or service, you need to translate features into benefits. You need to make your proposition relevant. You need to give customers a brand they want to spend time with—again and again.

Easier said than done? Perhaps.

Especially when your competitors are trying to do exactly the same thing.

So to stand out, you need to know how your customers think and feel. What their hopes and fears are. You need to take a long walk in their shoes. Then you need to make sure your brand is saying the right thing. In the right way and at the right time.

It’s the strategic thinking we apply to our clients’ brands every day.

Creative solutions – results delivered.

Case Study

First things first, we did our homework. Lots of it: Competitor research, current practice and one-on-one interviews with the target audience. We immersed ourselves into the world of ‘specials’. Then we worked hard to translate our findings into a customer insight that’s real, that’s relevant, and that resonates. This helped us create a campaign that communicates the ultimate benefit for the pharmacist – Trust. They must have confidence in the ability of the specials supplier to ‘deliver’ on every parameter; quality, flexibility and reliability – IPS, earning your trust since 2001!

An effective campaign with a big idea, delivered on a modest budget.

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