Remember, remember this Month of December


Once again, the month of joy and goodwill is upon us; the last month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars – December.

But apart from the obvious festive associations, December is filled with interesting ‘did you knows’ and is host month to important events that often get overlooked amongst the Christmas and New Year frolics.

December is a month that has the distinction of starting on the same day of the week every year as September, and ending on the same day every year as April. And December 2016 is also host to a number of Humanitarian and National days of note.

So rather than count down the days of Christmas, let’s take note of some calendar days in this December, to remember:

1 December: World Aids Day.

4 December: International Hug Day.

5. December: World Soil Day.

9 December: Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day.

10 December: Human Rights Day.

13 December: Violin Day.

16 December: International Reconciliation Day.

20 December: Go Caroling Day.

Peace and Goodwill this Festive Season.