Print and Digital – In Search of Nirvana

print and digital in search of nirvana

Not long ago, marketers were in somewhat of a quandary when it came to assessing their marketing needs. The internet was shaking things up and ‘digital’ was the future.

Apps became the ‘in’ thing, and many created them, only to realise down the line that an app wasn’t particularly right for their brand.

With the clarity that comes with time, the marketing mix became Print v Digital.  But the V for versus was telling; because it was still a battle of sorts – to discover which medium would win the war and create the allusive brand awareness that translates into the ultimate nirvana: sales.

Now, it’s very much print AND digital. As once again time and experience has shown us that marketing today isn’t about jumping on bandwagons, but more about finding a complimentary fit between these two mediums. A fit that has the best chance of getting a brands values into the hearts and minds of its audience.

Interestingly the print/digital equation has been very much in the news of late – literally. In the week that The Independent announced it was going digital only, The Mirror Group launched a brand new print newspaper ‘New Day’. Early figures for New Day are encouraging; indicating that it is appealing to the audience it was aimed at, it looks like it’s on its way to nirvana.

And while on the subject of print, digital, net, news and finding nirvana, take a look back at this article from 1995. It’s a most insightful and ill-judged opinion piece.

At Eurocom we embrace the multi-channel approach to marketing. A case study of our integrated approach to a new product launch in the UK can be seen here.